Adult treatments

Braces aren’t just for kids anymore! Tooth alignment can be changed at any age if your gums and bone structure are healthy.

We offer a variety of treatments that are designed for different age groups – including adults.

Orthodontic treatment at a later stage in life can dramatically improve your personal appearance and self-esteem. Improving the health of your teeth and gums is equally important. Crooked teeth and a bad bite can contribute to gum and bone loss, tooth decay, abnormal wears of tooth enamel and its surfaces, headaches and jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) pain.

Good news! The new techniques and appliances we use greatly reduce discomfort levels, decrease the frequency of visits, shorten the treatment time and may allow you to choose from several options.

Your options may include metal braces, Invisalign, or transparent aligners that can be worn to gradually reposition your teeth without bands, brackets, or wires.

During the initial examination, we will be able to determine the best possible treatment for your individual need and are able to outline the treatment plan, determine the approximate time required for treatment, and provide you with a detailed breakdown regarding costs.

A large percentage of our patients are adults, and they agree that it’s never too late to improve their greatest asset – their smile.

More than a beautiful smile

Without underestimating the importance of a beautiful smile, an orthodontist aims to give you more than a nice smile; improving the health of your teeth and gums is just as important. Did you know that a bad occlusion (contact between the upper and bottom teeth) as well as overlapped teeth can affect both your dental health and jaw structure?

Overlapped teeth are hard to clean; cavities can form and gum disease can occur, and these can become hard to track down. A bad occlusion can also accelerate teeth wear, deteriorate gums and cause difficulty to chew. It can also lead to headaches and jaw pain.

Orthodontic problems can worsen if overlooked. An early treatment with a specialist can often times cost much less than complex procedures that happen when a person’s mouth is deteriorating and dental health is at stake.

Orthodontic devices and your lifestyle

You might assume that retainers will affect your day-to-day life. In fact, the answer is no! Having to give up chewing gum, caramels or nuts will be an inconvenience fast forgotten.

Your teeth may be sensitive for a few days after having your retainer adjusted. However, with the latest dental technologies, your orthodontist can suggest a variety of different retainers that are more aesthetic and comfortable. These could potentially reduce the frequency of your appointments and the length of the treatment.

An important choice

Undergoing an orthodontic treatment is an important decision; especially for adults. Moreover, what is equally important is deciding who your orthodontist will be.

Propelled by their training and experience, our orthodontists use the best products and methods on the market to improve your dental health as a whole. Also, they ensure that all treatments are done in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Get in touch with us to begin your new smile today!