Carriere SLB

Carriere Self-ligating brackets “patient friendly braces”

With Carriere SLB Braces, achieving a beautiful smile in the shortest possible time has never been so easy. The sleek, comfortable Carriere SLB Braces were designed with you, the patient, in mind.

Utilizing the latest in advanced orthodontic technology, Carriere SLB Braces ensure the most comfortable, effective, and fastest treatment available. Plus, the self-ligating design of the braces eliminate the need for elastics or metal ties.


What is self-ligating bracket?

Self-ligating braces are different from traditional braces as they do not require the elastic ties to hold the archwire in the bracket slot. The placement of elastic ties on traditional braces puts unnecessary pressure and increased friction on your teeth, which causes discomfort and slows treatment.

Instead of elastic ties, Carriere Self Ligating Braces feature a sliding gate that opens and closes the engage the wire, allowing the teeth to move more quickly, more easily and more comfortably than conventional braces.

Benefits for you!

Fewer office visits
40% fewer appointments on average, which gives you more time to enjoy your regular activities

Shorter treatment time
Passive SLB system allows for less time in braces.

Shorter Office Visits
With no need to change the elastic ties, office visits are quicker and more enjoyable

Increased Comfort
Reduced pressure on your teeth, along with smooth, rounded edges means enhanced comfort and virtually no irritation.

Precise Results
Unique designs allows the doctor to achieve precision results and give you a beautiful smile!

Sleek, Low-Profile Design
Avoid the irritation and bulky feeling caused by conventional brackets with elastic ties.

Low Force, Less Friction
Free-Sliding technology with low force moves your teeth more quickly, naturally and comfortably than traditional braces.

No O-Rings or Elastic Ties
It is much easier to keep your teeth clean and free of debris resulting in improved oral hygiene.

Eating with Braces

Foods to avoid with braces

Your braces are very strong. They are designed to stay on your teeth the entire time of your orthodontic treatment. By following some simple guidelines, you can minimize breakage and maximize treatment. For the first day or so, stick to soft foods until you get used to chewing with braces. Avoid tough meats, hard breads, and raw vegetables.

Even when you get completely used to chewing and eating with braces, you’ll need to protect your orthodontic appliances when you eat for the whole duration of treatment. We ask that you avoid eating sticky or hard foods during your orthodontic treatment.

Eating these foods can cause damage to the archwires, break brackets, and loosen the bands that hold your expanders and other appliances. Damaged or broken braces, wires and appliances will cause treatment to take longer.

Corn on the cob, meat on the bone, corn dogs, apples, carrots, bagels, etc. should be cut into bite size pieces before eating.

Ten Biggest Brace Breakers

  • Ice
  • Nuts (or anything with nuts in it)
  • Hard chips (esp. Corn chips, Doritos and Fritos)
  • Hard or sticky candy (taffy, caramels, suckers, Jolly Ranchers and gummy bears)
  • Whole apples
  • Whole Bagels
  • Popcorn
  • Pizza crusts & hard pretzels
  • Corn on a cob
  • Pencils/pen caps

Chewing on straws or biting fingernails can cause damage as well, and avoid Beef Jerky, Slim Jims and Bubble gum (you may chew sugarless gum that is designed to not stick to dental work). As a patient, you are responsible for carefully examining each part of your appliance and braces everyday to make sure that everything is properly attached to teeth. If you notice something is loose, please call our office as soon as possible, even if you have an appointment scheduled in the near future.

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